I am a carer

These pages are focused on support for you as a carer, both in terms of your own health and well being and in the support you give to the person your care for. Please look at the pages for people with dementia as you can help the person you care for access the support listed on those pages.

You will also find useful information in the other sections of the website.

These pages have details of general carers services funded by local authorities. They offer a wide range of support to carers.

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More carers services, these services are focused specifically on the needs of carers of people with dementia. They provide support additional to general carers services.

Useful advice and support to carers of people with dementia.

If anyone needs a break it’s carers. This page has information about respite care and other kinds of breaks for carers.


Going into hospital is difficult for anyone. For people with dementia and their carers it can be particularly challenging. Read what hospitals in East Lancs are doing to support people going into hospital.

People in need of care and support have rights in law. These pages are intended to provide an overview of some key legal rights. They are intended as a broad guide but cannot be relied upon without taking legal advice.