General Carers Services

These services are for all carers of adults and provide a range of support that is valuable to carers whoever they care for.

The services are funded by councils and may differ from one council to another. However all councils are required by law to make provision for carers.

Carers Assessments Carers have a right to a carers assessment by the local council. A carers assessment looks at your needs as a carer and how the council may be able to support you in your caring role.

Lancashire County Council┬ácommissions Carers Link to carry out assessment on it’s behalf.

Blackburn with Darwin continues to do it’s own carers assessments. Carers in Blackburn with Darwin who would like an assessment should contact their Adult Social Care team. You can contact them from 8.45am to 5pm, Monday to Friday on 01254 587547.

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