Herbert Protocol

The Herbert Protocol is a national scheme being implemented by Lancashire Constabulary in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Society, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Services and North West Ambulance Service.   It is a risk reduction tool to be used in the event of an adult with care and support needs going missing.

For carers and loved ones of a person with dementia this can be quite common and is very worrying when they don’t return home.  By signing up to the Herbert Protocol you can help to prepare for this.

It involves carers compiling useful information which could be used by Police and other agencies to search for and locate a loved one in the event of them going missing.

Carers, family members and friends complete the form in advance, giving all vital details including medication required, mobile numbers and places known to visit, along with a recent photograph.  Should that person then go missing, the form can be quickly and easily used to assist the search process.

To find out more information and to get a copy of the form, please go to the Lancashire Constabulary website at: www.lancashire.police.uk/herbertprotocol